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  • Great private training and reasonable rates!  The studio has room for groups up to 3 at a time on reformer, or one-on-one.  I like the one-on-one sessions, because I am shy when working out.  
    Justin is the owner & is always very professional.  I saw results after just 2 sessions.  The workouts are challenging, but not deadly.  Justin takes time to make sure your form is perfect & you get the most out of each exercise.  I never feel railroaded into buying products & the other annoying things trainers do.  This is the best kept secret on the beach.

  • Classes here are a great value: with only 3 machines,  you're basically getting semi-private lessons while paying for group classes. Don't let Justin's nice, calm demeanor fool you - he is closely watching each student's form to ensure that each exercise is done correctly. He has a loyal and diverse client base. Clean studio (including bathroom) and great music playlist. The exercises are fun and will challenge you, especially after he helps you make adjustments which typically intensify the exercise and/or doubles your range of motion. If you are new to pilates, have injuries, or are older, he can modify the exercises to work best for you. You will feel/see yourself getting stronger, leaner and more flexible. Recommended!

  • I have been going to Reforming Pilates for about one month now and it is the best thing that I have done for myself in a long time.  I have been on a diet but don't have much time to work out so I thought I would try Pilates.  It was the perfect choice and the instructor, Justin, is very knowledgeable about the best exercises as you progress in strength and form.  It is almost like personal training since his studio is 3 reformer benches and he takes time with each person during each session.  I also like that you can be more challenged each time and continue to improve steadily.  And, the best part is that you can see the results within the first week.  Check it out!
  • Great Class! I work out regularly, but found that I used muscles in places I didn't even know existed. It was a very personal experience and really focused on each individual in the class. I definitely recommend!
  • Amazing class.  I have never done Pilates before and it was great.  Justin is very patient and takes his time to show you proper form and makes it very fun at the same time.  Loved it!
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