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1072 Kane Concourse
Bay Harbor Islands

Reforming Pilates
(305) 905-7444
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  • Welcome to Reforming Pilates.  At our studio we take Pilates to the next level.  We offer daily classes which are safe, challenging, and will give you amazing results.  All classes are taught on the Reformer machine which will keep you in proper alignment and form as you perform the exercises.  Pilates is the safest and most effective way to develop a strong and balanced body and mind.

    With continued practice, Pilates will give you:

    • Longer, leaner muscles with less bulk
    • Improved posture and heightened body awareness
    • More freedom of movement and greater flexibility
    • Firm and flat abs
    • Improved endurance and more energy
    • Less pain and tension
    • Better balance and coordination
    • Stronger golf and tennis swing

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